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Scale and Polish

A scale and polish is the cleaning of your teeth, both above the gum where you can see and below the gum level where your toothbrush cannot reach.

This procedure removes tartar (a hard substance which builds up and cannot be removed by brushing) as well as plaque (a soft substance that can be brushed away).

The teeth are then polished, removing stains with a high-speed brush and it is recommended to have this done every six months. Usually, this procedure is performed without any anesthetic but if  patients suffer from extra-sensitive teeth, we can ‘numb’ the area.

An integral part of the session is to give full oral hygiene instructions and explain tooth brushing, flossing and use of interdental brushes.

Patients with special needs, such as patients with diabetes or patients undergoing chemotherapy, will be advised of appropriate products to use. 

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