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Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is the loss of enamel which exposes the underlying yellowish dentine. Dentine contains hollow tubes which allow the nerves to sense hot, cold, acidic foods. This can lead to sensitivity and pain. 


Common causes of dental erosion: 

  • Eating/drinking acidic foods or drinks, for example fizzy drinks, including diet drinks.
  • Excessive amounts of fruits and fruit juices, especially citrus fruits 
  • Bullimia
  • Hiatus hernia
  • Other esophageal problems


Corrective actions:

  • Regular dental visits will allow us to identify it and decide on corrective action. 
  • Use of fluoridated toothpaste, fluoridated mouthwashes and application of a fluoride varnish can often be sufficient to minimise sensitivity.
  • In more severe cases, we can use a white filling to cover and protect the dentine or sometimes even veneers or crowns.  
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